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Dark Room II by Secret Jardin is one of the most-used tents in the world of cannabis. It’s made out of the best possible materials and has all qualities needed when it comes to growing cannabis.

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Dark Room II by Secret Jardin is a professional grow tent made out of the best materials possible in order to get the best results – this tent is designed to give you the best possible grow space you could ask for.

As soon as you unpack this beauty you’ll notice that it’s made out of absolutely top-quality materials including its strong exterior cover, reflective interior, zips and structure in general. You can rest assured at the fact that this tent is highly durable and is well worth the investment.

It’s available in different sizes and is perfect for all growing needs. The bars inside are made out of top quality, durable aluminum from which you can hang all of your accessories such as an extractor and odor filter – they can hold up to 30kg. This luxury grow tent really doesn’t break the bank that much, accessible for all growers.

It has extraction ports, two inlets for intraction and two more for cooltubes. You can easily add in a tray to your tent to avoid any water spillage, an automatic watering system or a Co2 system. Simply set up a lighting kit and grow cannabis in your house without anything knowing what you’re up to.


  • Durable structure.
  • Mylar reflective interior.
  • Multiple adjustable ventilation ports.
  • Passive ventilation grids.
  • Top-quality zips.

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