150-190 L/day Wassertech reverse osmosis filter


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150-190 L/day Wassertech reverse osmosis filter. This reverse osmosis filter will remove all salts accumulated in the water, providing quality water to your plants' roots.

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Reverse osmosis filter by Wassertech to provide our plants with quality irrigation water, free from dissolved salts.

Nutrient intake will be much better since water will only carry the elements needed by the plant (i.e. micro and macronutrients we have added to it to get maximum yields).

Since water will be free from salts, the risk of clogging at the roots will diminish greatly. 

Besides, if you grow in aero or coco where it is essential to provide your plants with water whose Ec value is close to 0.00, this filter will be super helpful. It is very easy to set up by simply following the instructions. 

In order to work, minimum pressure in the system must be 2.5 bar.

Maximum pressure supported : 6 bar

Maximum salt content of original water: 2000 ppm

  • Thiosulphates >99 %
  • Silica 85-92 %
  • Potassium 90-96 %
  • Magnesium 96-98 %
  • Iron 96-99 %
  • Copper 98-99 %
  • Sulphates 96-98 %
  • Bicarbonates 94-96 %
  • Chromates 90-98 %
  • Sulphites 97-99 %
  • Ferrocyanides >99%
  • Sodium 90-96 %
  • Calcium 96-98 %
  • Barium 96-98 %
  • Aluminium 96-98 %

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