Auto Yumbolt

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Auto Yumbolt is a sativa-dominant, delicious strain that gives quite an energetic, mentally stimulating high.

Flavor Incense
Climate Hot
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Autoflowering
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Auto Yumbolt by CBD Seeds is a sativa-dominant plant that’s now available in autoflowering format, conserving its original flavor and effect, ready in just 10 weeks after germinating. It’s the perfect sttrain for novice and expert growers alike.

When grown indoors, Auto Yumbolt will show its true potential in as far as structure and final yield in just 70 short days. It doesn’t yield an enormous amount as its buds are quite light, but the important thing to note about this plant is that its flowers are highly resinous and psychoactive. You can get around 350-400g per square meter if you know what you’re doing and give them the right care.

Outdoors it needs a spot where it can get as many hours of direct sunlight as possible, as autoflowering seeds are quite sensitive to cold and their growth can be stunted if the temperature drops below 15ºC, as well as possibly costing you the entire plant due to stress. During the summer you should have time to grow and harvest three times in a row, around 40-80g per plant in a total of 63-70 days.

It has a sort of earthy, berry taste which can be sweet and sour at the same time, mixed with an aroma of damp, earthy forest. It has quite a lively effect, inducing creativity and laughter. It’s the perfect strain to smoke with friends and laugh about whatever comes to mind.

  • Sativa/Indica: 60/40%
  • Flowering: 65-70 days after germination.
  • Height: 0.7-1.4m indoors and outdoors.

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