Original Amnesia Autoflowering

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Original Amnesia Auto is a high-yielding, strong, sativa plant; one of Dinafem’s most powerful plant.

Flavor Incense
Climate Dry
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Autoflowering
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Original Amnesia Auto by Dinafem is a highly celebrated plant among growers, as it grows perfectly from the start making for tall plants with an open structure that can absorb as much light as it gets. It has long, thin sativa leaves.

Indoors, and under the right conditions, this strain grows quite well; you’ll need to give them a stable microclimate during the flowering period in order to get the most out of Original Amnesia, as it really doesn’t like the cold at night and it won’t grow properly. You can get yields of up to 450-550g with the right care.

Outdoors, these top quality buds will be ready just 85 days after germination, and due to its autoflowering genes you can harvest various times a year. You’ll get the best yields in the middle of summer, capable of harvesting up to 3 times a year and getting large yields. You can get 70 to 150g from THC-filled buds – and you can even use the resinous leaves for BHO extracts.

It has an incensed, earthy aroma alongside an intense, mental effect that doesn’t tend to happen with autoflowering strains, which tend to be more relaxing and narcotic; this strain has more of an energizing effect.

  • Sativa/Indica: 70/30%
  • Flowering: 75-85 days after germination.
  • Height: 0.7-1.5m indoors and outdoors.

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