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With Roadrunner 2 the vegetative period as well as the original taste and aroma have been improved besides the sedative corporal effect which is increased thanks to a higher content of CBD. 

Flavor Citric
Climate Dry
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Autoflowering
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Roadrunner 2 by Dinafem is the new version of the original Roadrunner, the first autoflowering strain made by Dinafem. It’s better than its ancestor in various different ways; it has a more vigorous vegetative period while both its flowering stage and effects have been immensely improved thanks to the use of Diesel Auto genes. It has an important amount of active Cannabinoids, CBD being the most abundant of them. Like most autoflowering strains, the effect is very relaxing, making it slightly more narcotic than its sister's.

If you plant this strain inside, you will be able to tell that both the productivity and structure of the plant have been improved: they’re larger and yield more. They can grow to a maximum of 80cm and give up to 60g of amazing sour buds, concentrated on the central stem of the plant. If you use a SoG system with 16 plants in 7L pots you should get about 350g per m2 in just two months.

Outdoors, if grown in the sun in a hot climate you can grow up to 3-4 crops a year thanks to its fast growth rate. To do this, you have to start planting in April, making sure to get your plants inside at night time so that they don't get cold. You can get from 40g to 70g per plant in just 60 days after germination. They don’t grow any taller than 40-80cm, depending on the phenotype.

The taste is a little different thanks to the Diesel genes, making for a citrus-exotic kind of taste. The effect is long lasting, relaxing and comes accompanied by a sensation of inner peace.

  • Sativa/Indica: 10/90%
  • Flowering: 60 days after germination
  • Height: 0.4-0.8m indoors and out.

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