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AK Auto by Seedmakers will give you some buds that are covered in resin and that are very heavy and dense. A variety that is easy to grow and especially created for growers who are looking for quantity without losing in quality. 

Flavor Citric
Climate Cold
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Autoflowering
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AK Auto by Seedmakers is a one of the classic varieties that has marked a before and an after in the cannabis world. A very productive genetic that produces buds full of citrus and earthy aromas, with a fresh background which we all know perfectly even though we may have never planted it. 

Grown indoors, you will get the best results at 20h of light, which is where you’ll see its flowers explode with resin and improve the sour, citrus flavor of the AK. It maintains this potent high that is very heady and vibrant, although it does have a touch of Indica during the come down, that will leave you with some serious munchies. The resiny buds that it generates, also have a considerable width, that won’t bend the branches, but will generate some copious harvests. 

Now you have the potent AK variety in an auto flowering version, and you can have your favorite variety in just over 2 months, and if you give it the proper care like a soil that is rich in nutrients and a good, sunny climate, you will get the most out of her, getting to be over 1m tall and with productions that can reach 80g per plant of buds that are loaded with a potent, psychoactive effect that will leave you laughing for a good stretch with you friends.

Its flavor is notably different, with its own character, mixed with fruity tones that are reminiscent of mango and tropical fruit. The high is primarily relaxing, its notable on a physical level as we have come accustomed to with these hybrid genetics. 

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50% 
  • Flowering: 65 days after germination.
  • Height: 0.5-0.7m indoors and outdoors.

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