Super Skunk Auto

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White Label’s Super Skunk Auto is a very strong marijuana variety now available as an autoflowering strain, so you can enjoy our favorite plant’s hard and shiny buds in a life cycle of about 90 days.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Autoflowering
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White Label’s Super Skunk Auto means strength and unparalleled flavour. One of the best strains and one of the most consistent in the Cannabis growing world. Extremely strong and fast to flower, compact and highly productive, this strain is mostly Indica. Super Skunk Auto is very famous and appreciated, and has the obvious advantages of a feminine plant and autoflowering buds.

Indoors, it’s recommended to prepare a proper growing surface, suitable to get this variety’s shiny trichomes out. Easy to grow and appreciative of its respective weekly fertilization we’ll have up to 550g/m2 with 9 plants, indoors. This variety renders an astonishing resin layer because of the good contribution of its Afghan genes.

Outdoors, it’s a natural-born producer showing almost from the beginning the flowers on which huge amounts of trichomes sprout, with Skunk-genetics typical smells. Compact sized, it grows a little more that its sister Skunk Auto, during the flowering. This can cause some problem or another because the weight of the buds can break the branches if not properly staked. Productions reach 100g per specimen and the quality of the crops is undeniable. Growers from all over the world have confirmed the Super Skunk yields excellent results in a very short time span.

The taste is very sweet with earthy notes and has a color ful and very strong brain effect. It inevitably reminds of its relative, the Super Skunk Original, because its lemon-flavoured and fresh reminiscence is part of this autoflowering variety that will give us the best results with ridiculously simple cares.

  • Sativa/Indica: 15/85% 
  • Flowering: 55-60 days indoors, from April to November outdoors.
  • Height: 0.4-1m indoors 0.6-1.3m outdoors 

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