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Domina by CBD Seeds is an indica-dominant relaxing strain, perfect for treating insomnia or anxiety.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Hot
Effect High CBD levels
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Domina by CBD Seeds tastes like sweet flowers and it will calm every muscle in your body, helping you to sleep. If you like BHO extracts, then this strain can be used medicinally to control nerves, sleep patterns and pains. If you have friends over to smoke at night make sure there’s enough space for them to crash!

Indoors you’ll see this plant’s indica side, as it’s a short plant with few leaves. It has a beautiful dark green color, similar to pure Skunk strains. It loves feeding, and during the last two weeks of the grow this plant becomes absolutely exquisite. It loves heat and low humidity so that the buds can grow hard as rocks. It isn’t the best producer in CBD’s catalogue, but it definitely is one of the most potent ones without a doubt. You can get up to 400g with 9 plants per square meter using 600w lamps. It grows rather fast, as you can harvest it after just 50 flowering days.

Outdoors it can take a little bit longer, being ready towards the end of September. An earthy and dense smell will invade your garden, making the wait even harder. It has an issue with caterpillars and other insects, so you’re going to need to use powerful preventive measures. This 90% indica, even though it isn’t too tall and doesn’t have many branches, can give you a surprising 800g per plant due to how heavy the buds are.

The earthy, Afghan flavor will fill your mouth completely, invading every last corner. It can be used medicinally and therapeutically to calm muscle pains and headaches. This strain can couchlock your most experienced friends.

  • Sativa/Indica: 10/90%
  • Flowering: 45-50 days indoors, end of October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.5-1.3m indoors, 1-2, outdoors.

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