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Kali by CBD Seeds is a plant that can put up with pretty much every stressful issue outdoors, including wet nights and brusque temperature changes.

Flavor Citric
Climate Cold
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Kali by CBD Seeds is an almost pure sativa strain that’s perfect for outdoors where you can allow your plants to grow rather large. This strain has withstood the trials of time, as it’s been around forever it seems and many smokers say that it’s the queen of the sativas. It’s easy to grow and gives amazing results. The buds it grows aren’t that dense, but they’re spongy and meaty.

Indoors, you’ll need to use height-control methods such as SCRoG and SoG meshes. You can also top these plants to control their height which can get a bit crazy during the flowering period. It has quite a clear color, almost yellow at times, but it isn’t lacking anything, it’s just how it grows. Contrary to what you probably believe, Kali eats quite a lot and wants a lot of nutrients – make sure to control the pH and EC levels with this one. You can get up to 400g with just 8 plants per square meter in 70 flowering days.

Outdoors it just won’t stop growing. This strain is perfect for those that want plants that are mildew-resistant, such as those that love towards the north of Spain or in the countryside where the dew can settle on plants in the morning. There’s no need to worry about this if you plant Kali thanks to the shape of its buds. It can finish flowering towards mid-November and it can produce yields of up to 1.5kg from just one properly-grown plant.

Its flavor is extremely intense, with strong hints of wood and orange skins, slightly spicy at times. When smoked it lets out a dense white smoke, similar to old school cannabis. You’ll be smiling all day after smoking this strain. Perfect for your day to day life.

  • Sativa/Indica: 90-10%
  • Flowering: 70-75 days indoors, mid-November outdoors.
  • Height: 1.1-1.7m indoors, 1.7-2.7m outdoors.

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