Northern Light Blue

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Northern Light Blue by Delicious Seeds is a sweet plant with hints of incense; relaxing without being too heavy and narcotic. This particular cross between NL x Blueberry offers growers a very pleasing and easy grow.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Northern Light Blue by Delicious Seeds is a rather large strain with blue/purple hints to it due to its NL x Blueberry genes. This top-quality hybrid has next level resin with an incredible psychoactive effect.

Indoors they can grow quite big, so you’ll need to control their height. It’s a vigorous plant and the leaves go blue/purple – apart from being visually pleasing, it’s an excellent producer. It produces strong stems in order to put up with the weight of the buds, but it can be meshed and you can also prune it without worrying about stress. It should be ready after about 55 days of flowering, offering up to 500g with 10 plants per square meter.

Northern Light Blue does nicely outdoors, growing long with quite a few branches – it tends to reach 2m quite easily. With a properly-prepared substrate and controlled weekly feedings, you can get up to 600g of immense buds with an indescribable odor. It should be ready to harvest towards mid-September.

It lets off a lovely fragrance when it’s mid-flower, like strawberries. When smoked it has a sweet/sour flavor, and with each drag you’ll find new nuances to the flavor, it’s quite hard to describe fully. The high is quite light, as it isn’t narcotic but it definitely is relaxing – perfect for smoking if you want to get out and about and do stuff.

  • Sativa/Indica: 20/80%
  • Flowering: 50-55 days indoors, mid-September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.7-1.3m indoors, 0.8-1.9m outdoors.

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