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Power Plant by Dutch Passion is a radioactive-green sativa that gives enormous yields and arm-sized buds in record times.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Hot
Effect Sleep-inducing relaxant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Power Plant by Dutch Passion is a strain that’s made history in cannabis culture thanks to its high yields of light green buds that look almost gold in the sunlight. Power Plant has an enormous yield and strength when it comes to effect, as this sativa has never been hybridized but it already has an indica shape and yield quantity.

Indoors these plants are very pretty. They have few leaves, which helps when it comes to trimming and drying the buds. Even though it’s mostly sativa, this plant does extremely well in grow tents and indoor areas, as its height is easily controllable. With 10 plants per square meter and 600w grow lights, you can get around 550g. This is one of Dutch Passion’s most bought seeds due to the fact that it performs perfectly in soil, coconut, hydroponics and aeroponics. It grows extremely fast and you’ll be able to see it grow day by day. It grows in a kind of cypress tree shape – you’ll want to germinate it just 21 days after germination.

Outdoors these plants can grow up to two meters and a half tall and they’ll be ready around mid-October. Considering how Sativa it is, it flowers extremely fast and compact. You can get large yields from this plant; up to one whole kilo per plant. Power Plant loves to feed, so keep your fertilizers and nutrients close as it can easily suffer deficiencies. If you’re looking for buds covered in resin, Power Plant is the one for you.

This plant has quite a lot of THC, full of positive and stimulating effect. It has a much more mentally stimulating effect compared to a bodily one. It also has a certain level of aphrodisiac effects, and its physical effect is less obvious but it lasts much longer.

  • Sativa/Indica: 80/20%
  • Flowering: 50/60 days indoors, up to mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 1m indoors, 1-2.5m outdoors.

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