Txees Bilbo

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Txees Bilbo by Genehtik has a very particularly earthy, sweet flavor that’s similar to cured cheese. This plant gives high yields as well as top quality flavors and a fast flowering period.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Rainy
Effect Sleep-inducing relaxant
Genotype Indica
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Txees Bilbo by Genehtik generates strong, short plants that do perfectly indoors, although they grow bigger and yield more outdoors. It grows vigorous and robust, with thick trunks and branches that can easily hold up its hefty, thick buds.

Indoors, it grows with a thick central bud, growing short with branches full of buds. They grow kind of like a cute round bush, producing large yields in no time; just 60 days after germinating you can get up to 500g with 10 plants per square meter, as long as it’s done correctly.

Outdoors you’ll need to wait until October to harvest, and we recommend giving it an extra few days to be sure as it’s a pure indica plant, and they tend to appreciate a bit more time to fully mature. Txees Bilbo is a highly unique plant, guaranteed to give you both quality and quantity.

Txees Bilbo has a special flavor and aroma similar to cured cheese. It gives quite a physically dense effect that can last for hours.

  • Sativa/Indica: 0/100%
  • Flowering: 55-65 days indoors, beginning to mid-September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.6m indoors, 1.3-2m outdoors.

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