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Skunk 1 by White Label is an OG strain that we wouldn’t change for anything in the world. This strain is still a best-seller after over 30 years on the cannabis market.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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If you plant Skunk 1 you’re guaranteed a successful harvest this year; this strain gives large yields and intense highs thanks to the work put I by White Label.

Indoors it flowers quite fast and may grow a bit too tall in grow tents when compared with pure indicas, although with some extra work you can keep it under control. It only takes 45-50 days to flower; this plant is fast and yields both quantity and quality.

Outdoors this large plant is sturdy enough to fight off both insect infestations and bad weather. With plenty of sunlight these plants should grow perfectly, as the UVA rays from the sun will increase the amount of THC contained in its buds. It should be ready towards mid-to-end of September – we recommend having patience and letting it finish up completely.

It has a fruity flavor that’s a lot less earthy than its sister strain, Super Skunk. Some phenotypes have an intense lemon flavor. It is a combination between indica and sativa effects, giving a relaxing high that’ll have you thinking creatively.

  • Sativa/Indica: 35/65%
  • Flowering: 7 weeks indoors, end of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.1m indoors, 2.5-3m outdoors.

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