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Mixed Sativa Divas by Flying Dutchmen offers the best sativa strains in one packet. It includes various seeds like Fuma Con Dios, Thai-Tanic and Swazi Safari so that you can have a varied crop of normal or mother plants.

Flavor Incense
Climate Hot
Effect Active-Alert
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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The best effects from the best Cannabis Sativa strains from the Flying Dutchmen seed bank, in packets of 10 seeds. The pack includes strains sought after around the globe for their amazing effects and enormous resin production which will lift you into a relaxing and tranquil state.

Fuma Con Dios is a strain for marijuana connoisseurs due to the fact that it doesn’t have a high yield but the end result is incredibly potent. To develop this strain, an extremely vigorous Haze plant was crossed with a male Skunk from the seed bank, giving these plants unique properties that are high in demand. It gives an incredible incensed taste with an invigorating and energizing effect.

Thai-Tanic is another amazing sativa strain that was developed through a Skunk strain, except this time the other plant was a strange sativa from South India. This plant is one of the most resinous sativas that you could ever imagine; it can be used to get mind-blowing extractions with amazing recreational and therapeutic effects. When smoked, you’ll notice an intense hash-like aroma which isn’t at all common in such predominant sativas. The effect is unique, and you can count on it to stimulate your imagination which has made it a favorite of many artists to improve their creativity.

Swazi Safari is a unique strain that was developed by crossing a selection of Swaziland sativa strains and then adding a touch of Skunk, the characteristic strain of the Flying Dutchmen. It has spicy, strong and hot flavors with a sweet aftertaste which is clearly inherited from Skunk. The effect is quite introspective, meaning that it will leave you contemplating small details and analyzing things around you.

These strains are exciting and productive even though they might take a bit longer to grow. You’ll be able to have a varied crop, allowing you to smoke different strains throughout the year, or you can even use them as parent plants from which you can make slips or cuttings. This is a great opportunity for those that get tired of always smoking the same strains.

Pack of 10 regular seeds. 

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