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Dutchmen's Royal Orange Regular by Flying Dutchmen is a super tasty plant with a very sweet smell. It smells like candy sticks and was created with the goal of producing quality weed with a nice flavor and a very physical and sedative effect.

Flavor Citric
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Dutchmen's Royal Orange Regular by Flying Dutchmen is an indica-dominant genetics. This cross was selected among 10,000 specimens according to strict quality criteria, both in terms of flavor and effect. Developed by Californian and Dutch breeders, this F1 hybrid is perfect to relax in the sun and forget about everything. It takes longer to bloom but the wait is well worth it since the final result won't disappoint anyone. This is the most indica strain in the catalogue of this seed bank and one of which they are most proud of. Indeed, this is a very special plant which will become the queen of your garden.

Indoors, we'll get the maximal quality in terms of flavor since it'll come out just perfect. It'll almost look like it's made out of plastic while it's growing. If you feed it like you should and manage to prevent the leaves from yellowing, you'll get one of the most productive strains in the catalogue that will give us up to 600g/m2 if you use this system with SCRoG or SoG. A true beast when compared to many others.

Outdoors, Dutchmen's Royal Orange Regular likes heat but can stand and blooms well in a warm climate where it doesn't rain much towards the end of the summer. The best specimens of this strain can be found when planted directly in the soil. If planted in a sunny location with a properly prepared substrate, enough water and fertilizing -particularly towards the end of the flowering stage-, we'll be rewarded with great effect and flavour. In short, although it might take a bit longer to flower, the result is well worth it.

Both the flavor and the smell will remind you of a candy shop. This genetics is particularly sweet and has a powerful physical effect, ideal to laze about after lunch. It's not recommended to smoke this strain if you still have things to be do in the day since you might end up sleeping.

  • Sativa/Indica: 25/75%
  • Flowering: 55/70 days indoors. Mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 50cm-1.20m indoors. 1.5-2m outdoors.

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