Indoor Mix Sensi Seeds 25 Semillas Regulares

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Pack of regular seeds which can can contain any of the 20 indica-dominant genetics in the catalogue of Sensi Seeds. It'll allow you to have a varied garden of Skunk and Kush strains of the highest quality.

Flavor Sweet
Climate Rainy
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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In the Indoor Mix by Sensi Seeds you'll find 25 regular seeds of 20 indica-dominant genetics in the catalogue of the Dutch bank Sensi Seeds. In some occasions, a sativa seed might slip in the pack which can be a bit difficult hard to flower when compared with the others, but which can then be taken out and be grown outdoors. However, it's very unlikely you'll find one of these in this pack.

What you can be certain of is you'll get a winning indica plant such as NL#5xHaze and that not all of them are Skunk#1. This pack will enable you to have a varied garden, full of award-winning strains from all over the planet. If you intend to do a selection to create your own mothers, it's a good pack to get started with since you'll have a wide range of marijuana varieties to choose the one that suits your growing space best.

You must be aware of the fact seeds don't come labelled so you won't be able to discern which one is each of them until they start growing and can see their differences. Most certainly, you'll end up giving them a name of your choice.

Pack of 25 regular seeds

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