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Marley's Collie® Regular by Sensi Seeds is a strain created as a tribute to Bob Marley. Some Jamaican sativas and an indica from the Maple Leaf family were combined to bear this wonderful hybrid.

Flavor Fruity
Climate Hot
Effect Medicinal relaxant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Marley's Collie® Regular by Sensi Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid with very close buds, like if it were a pure indica. Collie is a word used to refer to "good weed" in Jamaica. The project of this cross started with a few good-looking and productive Jamaican plants who had been selected years before for its power and tropical properties. After several crosses, the best of all females was chosen and then pollinated with an Afghan male from the Maple Leaf family. 

Indoors, it's a true machine that keeps a medium internodal distance and tends to grow branches. Therefore, we'll be talking about a hybrid-looking plant with the shape of a thin-leaved fir-tree. It grows hard buds with the shape of balls in all the tips while the central stem consists of several of these balls together, forming a single apical bud. It releases a smell of hot spices when it starts flowering. This plant is quite productive and 12 plants can get us about 500g per m2 of prime quality cannabis.

Outdoors, this plant is excellent. It resists all kind of mold and weather harshness. This is really an ideal option for the outdoors since it won't have any problem in cold weather and it can become a real tree in a hot one. It's possible to reap up to 1kg of perfectly formed and aromatic cannabis from this kind of "trees". Flavours are sweet and mellow while it adopts some indescribable amber and light-green shades.

Its taste has a lot of both parents and will reveal itself in the mouth as an explosion of tasty nuances. Its effect is relaxing, warming and mental. It'll wrap us like a hug in the sun. When you smoke it, sativa effects will flood our bodies, providing us with a warm feeling from head to toe.

  • Sativa/Indica: 15/85%
  • Flowering: 50-55 days indoors. Beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1.1-1.6m indoors. 1-2.5m outdoors

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