Shiva Skunk Sensi Seeds 10 Semillas Regulares

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Shiva Skunk ® Regular by Sensi Seeds combines the best of Skunk#1 and the best of NL#5 to gives an Afghan looking strain, very powerful and resinous. Easy-to-grow even for inexperienced growers.

Flavor Earthy
Climate Rainy
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Mostly Indica
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Shiva Skunk ® Regular by Sensi Seeds will give us the best of it. It's the result of crossing two of the most powerful strains up to date: Skunk#1 and Northern Lights#5. This cross became famous much before the ideal name was finally found. It used to be known as Skn#1xNL#5 which allowed everybody to identify the different components. In the end, it adopted the name Shiva after the Hindu God of destruction who appeared enjoying his ganja in many pictures; 

Indoors, our crop will be ready in about 55 days of flowering, producing about 500g if we do a nice SCRoG system with our plants. Plants have the body and flowers of Northern Lights and have the open fir-tree structure, with long colas full of buds that end up in several points, like a crown. This strain starts growing fast. Calyces swell out as the flowering moves on and you can almost see the psychoactive resin trichomes increasing by the day.

Outdoors, plants develop fast although they take some time to flower. They will be ready at the beginning, mid or even end of October. We'll reap up to 1kg per specimen under optimal circumstances. It features the typical NL structure, with short plants opening up and kilometric colas. This growing scheme makes it very recommendable for discreet outdoor plantations.

Flavours are mixed with Skunk#1, creating the perfect blending that tastes like lemon-like incense and earth. It's quite difficult to describe but incredibly pleasant to smoke. Thick drops of resin cover the plants and one could say we've sprayed resin on them! The citrus and muddy flavor at the same time, with a musky and humidity background turn into a physical-cerebral effect when smoked that will allow you to unplug from your problems. Red eyes and silly laughs.

  • Sativa/Indica: 15/85%
  • Flowering: 50-55 days indoors. Beginning of October outdoors.
  • Height: 1.1-1.6m indoors. 1-2.5m outdoors

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