Mr.Nice G13 x Hash Plant Regular

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Mr.Nice G13 x Hash Plant ® Regular by Sensi Seeds is the result of crossing two of the most productive and resinous genetic on the market:G13 and HashPlant. This plant produces huge amounts of trichomes with high psychoactive levels and demonstrated therapeutic use.

Flavor Citric
Climate Cold
Effect Medicinal antidepressant
Genotype Indica
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Mr.Nice G13 x Hash Plant ® Regular by Sensi Seeds offers the best of a 100% indica, productive but delicate, sweet and extremely powerful with regard to its levels of THC. This plant began to spread in the 90s, when someone illegally took a cutting from American government sources to propagate and commercialize it.

When it reached the hands of the Dutch bank Sensi Seeds, they had to find a suitable parent to cross with the cutting and thus fix the characteristics of the original one. The best results were obtained when it was crossed with a Hash Plant and shortly, it would be released onto the market. In 1999, this cross would come back into fashion, causing a stir among all cannabis growers at worldwide scale.

Indoors, average production will be increased since this plant grows robust and somewhat branched although the central stem prevails over the others, gradually covering with a very sticky layer of fresh and aromatic resin. It is a bit special to care for since it tends to show excesses and deficiencies very quickly. We recommend always keeping EC, PH and humidity levels under control if we want our G13 x HashPlant® to grow healthy. We can get more than 400g per m2 with about 10 plants. Thanks to its short flowering, we should have these beautiful plants ready in 60 days.

Outdoors, it likes the sun and hot areas. When it blooms, we see its early sprouts of dense and hard flowers, formed by hundreds of calyces growing in spiral in every direction. They have a particular brightness in the leaves, which makes them look like if they were painted. Outdoor yields are more than excellent: you will get strong plants with resistant stems and a distinctive perfume of cedar and ginger. Depending of the planting season and the weather, it can easily reap 1kg per plant with the right farming methods.

The effect is mostly indica, very calming and soothing, but it will not let you fall asleep if you're not sleepy. Let’s say the high will simply fit your needs, it is truly a magical strain. The fresh scent of ginger with a background note of cedar, makes this plant a treat for your nostrils as the flavor matches its aroma, being perhaps more incensed, but keeping that spicy and warm touch that would seduce anyone who tries it. Its Hash Plant part is revealed by the resin layer that covers the buds, giving it body and outstanding levels of THC. A real classic for those looking for quality cannabis.

  • Sativa / Indica: 0/100%
  • Flowering: 60-60 days indoors, Beginning or mid October outdoors.
  • Height: 0,8-1,7m indoors. 1,9-2.4m outdoors.

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