Kali Haze

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Kali Haze regular by White Label is a Sativa x Indica hybrid to improve its production and looking for an active and corporal effect at the same time.

Flavor Incense
Climate Cold
Effect Creative-stimulant
Genotype Sativa hybrid
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Kali Haze regular by White Label is a variety that provides Haze aroma and taste combined with a high production that had been difficult to obtain until present. Thanks to these seeds we will be able to enjoy an exceptional taste without compromising quantity.

Indoors you can put them to flourish in just 10 days since germination, unless you intend to make a SCROG by putting a mesh to limit their vertical growth, as they would grow too much when you changed the photoperiod indoors, which would cause a lot of complications.  You can also select a mother to draw clones and make a SOG with the lights to 12/12 since the moment they root. By refining this technique you can obtain large harvests that can reach up to 400g/m2 in optimal conditions.

Outdoors this strain, mainly Sativa, will grow nonstop. You can prune it or fix it to a covered frame if you think that it needs discretion or you can create a bush to your taste. It likes the Mediterranean climate, sunny and with long summers that help to fatten its big buds. It will grow considerably when it begins flowering, growing to enormous sizes, even more than 3m high, with large resinous buds and does not require any special care for that. You will have to be very patient and look after your garden at least well in November. But do not worry; Kali Haze will certainly reward you with a large crop that can reach 600g of dry weight buds per plant.

Its taste is faithful to Haze family, intense, sweet and incensed and its aroma is deep and sweet too. Its high is energizing at first and sedative overtime.

  •        Sativa/Indica: 75/25%
  •        Flowering: 55-70 days indoors; October outdoors.
  •        Height: 1.2-1.6m indoors and 3m outdoors.


Pack of 10 regular seeds.

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