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This shiny aluminum adhesive tape is extremely heat resistant and won’t peel off. It’s perfect for attaching different accessories in your grow, such as attaching a cooltube to the air duct – other kinds of tape tend to peel off due to the heat from the bulb.

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Aluminum adhesive tape is probably one of the most essential items for indoor grows, as it’s one of the only kinds of tape that can put up with higher levels of heat than usual. It’s made out of extremely strong material so that you can attach your ducting and other accessories in the most efficient way possible.

Many growers make the mistake of using lower quality tape, which can be good to use in a pinch but it’s a very bad idea in the long run. Indoors it gets quite warm when growing, and of course the ducting used to extract the hot air is the one that suffers the most. Under these levels of heat, low quality tapes tend to unstick completely which can cause air leaks, which in turn could ruin your grow.

Now you don’t have to deal with such issues, as this aluminum tape can easily put up with high temperatures. You’ll be able to combine all of your accessories without worrying about anything falling down, even if your grow reaches extreme temperatures in parts – such as refrigerated reflectors and cooltubes. These kinds of items tend to become unstuck – but this tape can easily fix all of those issues.

There are two kinds available; normal, adhesive metallic tape, and a reinforced tape. You should use the normal one for things that don’t require much strength such as attaching ventilation ducts, filters to the tube, ozonizers or other pieces that don’t need much strength.

The reinforced version has a fiber mesh on the inside, which makes it perfect for holding stronger objects together, such as large extractor ducts that extract high air flows. Basically the reinforced version should be used on ducting and accessories that 250mm or larger in diameter.

How to use this adhesive tape:

  • You’ll need to make sure that the two objects you’re combining are perfectly attached; for flexible ducts make sure that there’s no wrinkles or pockets of air under the tape after using, pressing down on the tape as much as you need to.
  • For flat surfaces you can use a piece of cardboard to stick it properly and push out any air bubbles that could cause issues.
  • Once used you’ll see that it’s extremely hard to unstick, so you can rest assured that it will hold up for quite a long time.
  • Make sure that there are no holes and spaces or bubbles underneath the tape as this can cause air leaks and other issues.
  • Both the normal aluminum adhesive tape and the reinforced tape can easily be ripped with your bare hands.

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