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The RKV extractor is the best known on the market for its efficiency, power and silence. Along with a soundproof case and tubes, you’ll forget you have an extractor.

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If you’re looking for one of the best extractors we have, then this is the one for you; it’s highly efficient for indoor cannabis growing thanks to how quiet it is.

If you use it with Sonnoconnect ducting and a silencer box, then it definitely won’t make any noise at all – even the larger models can be quietened down with this method. Check the chart below to find out which model you need for the space you’re looking to ventilate.

Power chord not included; you’ll need to acquire it separately:

Model m³/h Sound Pa
RVK 125 E2 220 45 dB 142
RVK 125 E2-L 323 50 dB 332
RVK 150 E2 428 55 dB 326
RVK 150 E2-L 720 57 dB 431
RVK 200 E2 796 52 dB 391
RVK 200 E2-L 1008 53 dB 511
RVK 250 E2 860 55 dB 427
RVK 250 E2-L 1080 50 dB 520
RVK 315 E2 1360 47 dB 630

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