4-Litre Tank Humidifier by Pure Factory


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Humidifier with a 4-litre tank that can nebulise up to 8 litres per day. Provide your plants with the correct humidity and they’ll grow better.

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With this humidifier, you can evaporate up to 8 litres per day. A humidifier that will raise the humidity faster than any other. However, the water will run out faster if set to the maximum for about 14 hours, so you must keep an eye on it and refill it when needed.

It’s a high-quality device, made of hard plastic very easy to clean since it isn’t porous at all. If you want a quality humidifier, this is one of the best for you grow tent.

It doesn’t emit any light while it’s on and, if it runs out of water, it will warn you with a small LED than can be covered with a piece of tape. You only have to turn a knob to activate it and set the vapor intensity.

By turning the directional nozzle, you can direct the vapour to the desired zone of your crop.

Made of high-quality and resistant materials.

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Category Humidity and temperature Reference Humidificador 8L/dia EAN13 12159039 UPC 18

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