Ultrasonic Humidifier (1, 3 or 9 membranes)


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Ultrasonic humidifier to increase your crop’s humidity without raising the temperature. Very easy to install, just place it in a water tank and plug it in.

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With the ultrasonic humidifier, you can increase the grow room’s humidity without the need of more heat, so you can reduce your crop’s temperature. An electric current makes a ceramic membrane vibrate, which will produce a mist made of microscopic water drops that will float in the air, raising the humidity level.

This device comes in several models to choose from depending on our crop’s needs. There’s a one-membrane, a three-membrane and a nine-membrane humidifier, made for different spaces. We’ll choose the one we need according to the size of our grow room, the relative humidity or both parameters.

It has a small size that lets us place it in any water tank. The larger the tank is, the less frequently you must refill it. It can be placed in a washbasin, a bucket or a small water tank. The only thing you have to keep in mind is not using tap water. Tap water usually contains salts and lime that end up clogging the membrane, thus reducing its effectiveness. It is best to use distilled water to prevent such a problem and we’ll also extend the humidifier’s life.

If the membrane stops working because of the lime or for other reason, we have spare membranes available on our website. The spare membranes come with a key to open the hole where the membrane is located. You just have to replace it.

The ultrasonic humidifier needs a control system, like a timer or a humidity controller, to ensure the correct humidity. If we let it on permanently, it will be constantly increasing the humidity until it runs out of water, raising the humidity too much. If it runs out of water, it will automatically turn off.

Remember that mixing water and electricity is dangerous, so you must always place the cables on the top of the room, over the lamps, and the watering systems on the floor, next to or under your plants’ soil.

This humidifier comes with floats to ensure the membrane is always in contact with the water’s surface while not sinking too much, what would prevent its proper functioning.

The one-membrane model includes a spare membrane and a small “hat” that works as an anti-spill device. This piece prevents some drops from coming out of the tank. The 3 and 9 membrane models do not include spare membranes, nor come with the anti-spill mechanism.

It’s very easy to operate. A metal base makes the ceramic membrane vibrate, which will release the micro drops into the air. A float keeps the membrane at the required level for the water to form a mist. If the membrane sunk too much, the drops wouldn’t be able to come out the tank. Conversely, if the metal base were above the water, no water would be nebulised.

The anti-spill device makes sure the vapor drops don’t spill out the tank, especially when we use small water tanks. This is not a problem with the 3 and 9 membrane models since they’re placed in larger tanks because of the high demand of water.

If you have problems installing this humidifier, please don’t hesitate to contact us to help you out. We have a team of advisers willing to solve all your doubts.

Humidifier 1 membrane 3 membranes 9 membranes
Mist generated 80ml/h 240ml/h 720ml/h
Water consumption 500ml/h 1500ml/h 450ml/H

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