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This soundproof box for extractors will reduce the extractor’s vibrations and noise up to a 50%.

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Improve the discretion of your crop with a simple soundproof box, that will greatly reduce the extractor’s noise. An extractor makes the most noise when its mounted in a wall, producing a very annoying noise, besides the noise made by the extractor itself.

With this box, you’ll eliminate the noise coming out of the extractor, thanks to its 1cm thick MDF wood and its soundproof foam interior, perfect to counter the vibrations when hung from a wall. If you also use Sonoconnect tubes, you’ll increase its effectiveness, unlike with the aluconnect tube, which is very thin.

This box comes disassembled, so you have to put it together yourself. The walls are made of 1m thick woo and of a 2-2.5 cm thick layer of soundproof foam. It works by isolating the extractor from the exterior. If you want a better one, you can buy the Sounpdroof Box Plus. 

Available in the following sizes:

  • Diameter 125mm - 29x32x29cm
  • Diameter 150mm - 38x38x29cm
  • Diameter 200mm - 38x39x28.5cm
  • Diameter 250mm - 39x39x28.5cm
  • Diameter 315mm - 45x48x33cm 

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