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Add these CO2 tablets to the irrigation water to provide your plants with an extra of carbon dioxide. They will use it to grow stronger and faster because you’ll accelerate the photosynthesis process.

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The CO2 tablets by VDL are a new way to provide more benefits to our cannabis plants. If you want to improve your crops and don’t know what else to use, try adding CO2 tablets to the irrigation water.

There are two ways to increase the CO2, either with gas bottles or with tablets.

The former is very expensive, while adding CO2 to the irrigation water doesn’t cost much money and the input is enough to improve your productions.

An extra input of CO2 during the growth and flowering stages make the buds mature sooner and help them grow larger and heavier, since CO2 is very important for the photosynthesis and, the more they absorb, the more they grow and the sooner the process ends.

The tablets release CO2 for about 5 or 6 hours since their use.

How to use the tablets:

  • Use one tables per each 100L of water. Use twice per week during the whole life cycle of the plants.
  • Add the CO2 when the lights are on, because the plants won’t use it during the night.

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