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AeroFarm by GHE is the smallest and cheapest aeroponic models. It will give you results you could never dream of when growing with substrate.

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Aerofarm by GHR is a reduced-size system to grow plants in hydroponics, root cuttings or keep your mother plants in optimal conditions. Your plants will reach their maximum potential as it is only possible with aeroponics. Its dimensions (45x45x43 cm) make it very comfortable for small growing spaces.

It is made of very resistant recycled plastic and it's totally opaque, preventing light from coming inside and damage the roots, and avoiding algae formation. Very easy to assemble and clean: you won't have to throw away more soil but just keep on reusing the same expanded clay balls.

If you already own an Aquafarm system you can transform it into an Aerofarm with the "hydro-to-aeroponics conversion kit ".

It holds 1 to 5 plants.

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