Aeroflo 60 GHE by General Hydroponics


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Aeroflo 60 by GHE is an aeroponic system which can hold up to 60 plants which you'll grow without doing virtually nothing apart from changing the nutrient solution.

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Thanks to Aeroflo 60 by GHE you can grow a large number of plants almost automatically since the system will make sure your plants don't lack anything.

By means of a water pump and some nebulizers, Aeroflo sprinkles the roots of your plants with a mist of nutrient solution with the perfect oxygen/water ratio. The radicular system will develop fully and plants will feed -and grow- permanently. You'll gain productivity and time since the growing cycle will be considerably shortened.

You can use Aeroflo to get marijuana cuttings to root. Once cuttings have roots, you can simply place them inside mesh pots, previously filled with expanded clay. 

Once you have set the cuttings inside the pots, all you have to do is change the nutrient solution every fortnight, using the required nutrients, and check pH and Ec levels regularly.

Keeping an eye on pH and Ec values will be enough to get yields as you've never harvested before. 

Get much more productive plants, much faster with almost no maintenance; the dream of all growers.


  • Holds up to 60 plants.
  • Reservoir: +-240L.
  • Dimensions: 325cm long x 100cm wide x 56cm high

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