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Panda Hydro is the most recent product in the General Hydroponics range. This system is indicated to grow between 8 to 40 plants, depending on their size.

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Panda Hydro is the one of the hydroponic systems by General Hydroponics for easy cultivation.

It is designed to grow from 8 to 40 plants, depending on their size and presents some new features which make hydroponics easier for the grower.

Pots are filled with expanded clay balls and are placed above the reservoir. This way, you'll make sure there won't be any risk related to water leaking. Their rectangular shape make them ideal for any growing space such as an inner court or a balcony.

It contains 150L for few plants which is quite a good volume of water and which helps stabilize the pH pf the nutrient solution.

The inside is black in order to protect roots from the light while the outer part is white to reflect sun rays and thus protect the system from the heat.

Panda Hydro is one of the simplest hydroponic systems on the market and one of the most complete and economical ones in our catalogue.

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