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WaterFarm by GHE is a simple hydroponic system, ideal for newcomers to this growing method. It is a reduced version of the Aquafarm model.

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WaterFarm by GHE is very similar to Aquafarm by GHE. They differ from each other in size and price.

WaterFarm is the reduced version of the other one and can hold just 1L of nutrient solution. Plants are placed on a mesh pot at the upper part and are filled with expanded clay, inside a closed chamber.

The chamber is just above the water tank and has an air pump which propels water upwards and pours it by means of a distribution hose all over the expanded clay.

What is achieved with this process is a perfect mixture of air and nutrients which washes the roots continuously and causes rapid growth of plants. Plants can double their usual size and yield about 20%-30% more than when growing with substrate.


  • 30.5 cm wide x 37 cm high

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