Neoprene Colored Collars 5.5cm Neptune 190 units


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Category Nutriculture

Now you can easily tell apart your clones with these multi-colored neoprene collars. Packs of 190 units.

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With these neoprene, multi-colored, clone collars you can easily tell apart various strains in the same aeroponic system. Each pack contains 190 collars, so you’ll have plenty of collars.

They work perfectly, as they’re slightly larger than the normal ones (5.5cm) so you won’t have to use any mesh to hold them in – simply place these collars with your clones in them into the hole in your tray. Due to being more of a tight fit, they’ll sit much more comfortably in aero systems and the water from the sprayers will be able to reach them perfectly.

These discs come in bags with 6 different colors, meaning that you can plant six different strains and recognize them instantly. Also, it makes for a pretty and organized grow space.

These collars tend to deteriorate after time, and you should switch them out every year or so.

Quantity per pack:

  • 190 units.

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Category Nutriculture Reference Discos neopreno colores 5.5cm EAN13 05134008 UPC 33

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