Neoprene 5cm Clone Collars, 100 units


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100 50mm Neoprene Clone Collars for aeroponic grow systems. You can replace your old collars with these ones.

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Neoprene clone collars are used in aeroponic systems for rooting clones, and they can even be used for growing plants from start to finish in systems such as Amazon by Nutriculture.

These black neoprene collars don’t retain water and are completely waterproof. They’re used to keep your plants upright so that the sprayers underneath can reach the roots, keeping them hydrated. It’s quite a simple system and it works wonderfully with clones; they grow fast and healthy in systems such as X-Stream.

This is an indispensable accessory that really isn’t that expensive and plays quite an important role in aeroponic grows. When you’ve had them for a while they can get some grime, so you should switch them out every two years so you don’t have any issues.

These can be used in almost any Aero system, as almost all of them use 50mm collars.

Each pack contains 100 units.

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