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X-Stream by Nutriculture is a prime quality propagator that will help you root clones successfully and grow them effortlessly.

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X-Stream Propagator will let you grow successfully more than a hundred of cuttings in very few days. It is an aeroponic system for marijuana plant cloning. All you have to do is set the cut branch in your preferred growing medium, in pots with expanded clay or in the neoprene collars included with the propagator.

The piping circuit underneath the cutting tray will carry water and spray the stems by means of water nebulizers, keeping a perfect water/oxygen balance and causing roots to show up in a very short time (about 6 days for most strains).

X-Stream Propagator by Nutriculture is an ideal option to do a clean and fast work. It is very convenient since it lets you forget about spraying the clones and other routine and cumbersome tasks.


  • The model with 20 cavities can hold 15L of water and measures 46x40x40cm.
  • The model with 40 cavities can hold 20L of water and measures 60x40x42cm.
  • The model with 120 cavities can hold 70L of water and measures 118x54x64cm.

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