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If you want a simple hydroponic system with no much hassle, you need a Wilma 4. You can't believe how easy it is to grow your plants soilless.

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Thanks to Atami Wilma 4 you won't have to do a great investment to do a hydroponic system.

It holds 4 11L pots for 4 plants which will be permanently watered thanks to the 50L tank. Roots will get an outstanding water/air relation.

This will make plants develop fast and produce heavier and larger flowers. In addition, your crop will be ready earlier.

The system consists of a water tank on top of which the pots are placed. Wilma pots are perforated at the bottom.

Place the micropipes that guide water from the tank to the pots by means of a water pump. 

Fill the pots with expanded clay and put the plants inside. Then set the pots on the Wilma 4 and get started! As simple as that!


70cm x 70cm x 20cm


  • 4 11L black pots.
  • 50L Wilma tank
  • Wilma 4 tray.
  • Red plug for the opening of the reservoir.
  • Pump with filter.
  • Complete irrigation system.

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