Elite 807 Óptima Air Pump


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Air pump by the brand Elite, made of rubber for longer durability and less noise. It comes with an outlet for one airstone.

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Thanks to this air pump you'll be able to cover the oxygen needs of your plants. Remember that when water is too hot, it loses most of the oxygen it contains.

In the cases with recirculation tanks, plants absorb oxygen from the same water with nutrients. Therefore, the concentration of oxygen in the water will diminish little by little. The less oxygen in the water, the fewer nutrients your plants can absorb.

It has a maximum airflow of up to 100L an hour, which you can easily adjust by just turning the wheel on the top of the pump.

This pump will help you provide the roots of your plants with the maximal amount of oxygen so that they don't encounter any problem to absorb nutrients and plants grow healthy and strong.

Max flow: 100L/h

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Category Air and water pumps Reference Elite 807 EAN13 13014032 UPC 29

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