6-Outlet adjustable drip manifold


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Drip Manifold to connect to a 16mm pipe. 6 independent outlets to water 6 different pots by dripping irrigation.

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Drip Manifold to punch into a 16mm pipe. It includes 6 independent outlets to water 6 different pots by dripping irrigation. Maximum comfort in your irrigation system.

You'll have to estimate the water coming out through each dripper to know for how long you must set the timer of the pump. Try to avoid setting a long tube snaking through the plants. Instead, try to create branches in a "trident" shape with the 16mm flexi tube. Set your plants between the aisles, setting 8 drippers on one side and 8 on the other one. That's the best way to share water evenly.

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Category Irrigation fittings Reference Medusa 6 Salidas UPC 29

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