Ultra-Violet Water Purifier


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Purify the water in your nutrient tank and keep it algae-free thanks to this simple light which won't harm your plants or their roots.

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Supply quality water to your plants and keep your water tank free from algae and fungi thanks to the UV Water Purifier. It will kill all pathogens in the water, preventing them from reproducing. Besides, there will be no dead roots which usually lead to the appearance of fungi.

Absolutely ecological and effective, it doesn't change any properties of the stored water. Indeed, although it destroys fungi, bacteria and protozoa, it doesn't eliminate other organic and inorganic matter in the treated water.

It can be used along with pumps of up to 456L/h flow rate. All circulated water will be purified and 99.9% free from potential pathogens. In a non-return pipe, it could treat up to 190L per day.

How to install your ultra violet light water purifier:

  • You must create a circuit with the water pump so that water runs through the lamps. That is, the pump forces the water to run into the lamp and then it goes back to the water storage tank.

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