Calibrating Liquids for meters

Liquid calibration

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Calibrating liquids to calibrate your measuring instruments accurately.

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Liquids to calibrate measuring instruments and check everything is going well and you get accurate readings.

These liquids let you calibrate your pH or Ec-meter in no time. 

You don't use all the content; just pour the amount you need in a glass where there's enough room for the probe you want to calibrate and that's it. Make sure nothing gets in touch with the liquid inside the jars since it could lose its properties. 

Depending on the meters you have you will need some liquids or others. Here you are the list of the different ones we sell and the meters they can be used with so you can decide which ones you need.

  • pH 4 liquid: it is used with meters that are calibrated automatically such as Adwa Ad-11 or Ad-100, pH-Pen by Wassertech, Trimeter, Milwaukee pH meter with probe, Waterproof Hanna Meters and Combo, Hanna pH-meter and also to calibrate some other models we don't sell. It is available in 20-ml envelopes and in 300-ml jars.
  • pH 7 liquid: this neutral pH liquid it is used to calibrate all meters since it is the standard (due to the fact it is not acid, nor alkaline). It can be used with both digital meters and the "screw" ones (those that are calibrated with a screwdriver). Essential if you own a pH-meter. Available in 20-ml envelopes and 300-ml jars.
  • Ec 1413 liquid: it is used with Ec meters calibrated with a screw and that don't measure beyond 9999 Ec. When you calibrate your automatic digital meter it will ask you for an envelope. If it says 1413, this is the envelope you need. It is the standard. Available in 20-ml envelopes and 300-ml jars.
  • Ec 12880 liquid: for some meters which use it. There are few meters that use this liquid, but we have it in our catalogue so you are not in trouble if your meter -such as Adwa Ad-203- uses it. Available in 20-ml envelopes and 300-ml jars.

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