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Ph Down by Growth Technology is a very concentrated product made of phosphoric acid which will allow you to lower the acidity level of your nutrient solution whenever it's necessary.

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Ph Down by Growth Technology is a Ph regulator made of phosphoric acid which will allow you to lower the acidity level of irrigation water. In this way we'll make sure our plants can assimilate all the nutrients we supply them since a very low Ph or a very high one can hinder the absorption of different chemical elements.

If you use too many liters of water or a hydro or aeroponics table, Ph Down will help you lower Ph. Since it is very concentrated (80% acid), it will lower the Ph of many liters of water with a few ml, unlike most Ph lowering products on the market. It is able to lower the Ph of a 5L decanter with a few drops. It is not recommended for smaller volumes -like 1.5l bottles- since it will difficult not to exceed the maximum dose.

Recommended Ph levels for our plants to assimilate the maximal range of nutrients are between 5.5 and 6.8. Over these values, plants find it difficult to assimilate macronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous or potassium. Conversely, when Ph goes below 5.5, plants will have problems to absorb micronutrients such as copper, iron or manganese.

Don't forget Ph Down Ionic is an acid. You must not touch it with bare hands.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add all the fertilizers and complements to irrigation water.
  • Measure the acidity level with a reactive or digital measurer.
  • If the level is over 6.5 we'll have to add a drop of Ph Down (1ml in tanks over 50L).
  • Measure again and repeat all the steps until getting the desired acidity level.


  • 81% phosphoric acid.

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