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Ph Up by Growth Technology is the most concentrated calibrator liquid on the market. Since it contains 25% of potassium hydroxide, a few ml of the product will suffice to increase the Ph level of many liters of water.

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Ph Up by Growth Technology is a very concentrated calibrator liquid that contains 25% of potassium hydroxide. It will increase the Ph level of many liters of water with just a few ml. It is especially recommended in hydroponic crops where we use very large tanks with nutrients, since it will facilitate this task.

The level of Ph in the growing medium can limit the growth of your plants and produce deficiencies and excesses due to a excessively low or high acidity. Plants prefer Ph levels between 5.5 and 6.8 because that's where the range of nutrients they can assimilate is much larger.

Thanks to Ph Up Liquid Regulator you can increase Ph in large water tanks such as those found in hydro and aeroponics systems or in automatic irrigation systems. A small amount of it suffices to treat large volumes. Ph variations are minimal when used on large volumes which make it ideal to work progressively and avoid drastic Ec changes.

Dosage and instructions for use:

  • Add fertilizers and additives to irrigation water.
  • Measure the acidity level of the blending with a reactive liquid or digital measurer.
  • If the level is lower than 5.5, add a drop of Ph Up (1ml in tanks over 50L).


  • 25% potassium hydroxide

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