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Truncheon Ec meter can be submerged completely and it is very resistant. It doesn't need further calibration.

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Truncheon Ec meter is made of maximum strength glass and takes precise measurements of Ec by simply introducing it in water for some minutes (until the device is at the same temperature as the aqueous medium).

It compensates water temperature for precise measuring and does not need to be calibrated never.

It uses 3 batteries which last about one year.

When it is turned on, it turns off automatically after 8 min.

The way it displays the reading is through a LED strip that lights up to the height of the measured value.

It can also be used to stir the nutrients in the tank and mix them properly, as if it were a large spoon.

All in all, it is an inexpensive but precise and long-lasting alternative.

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Category pH and Ec meters Reference Medidor EC Truncheon EAN13 07055002 UPC 24

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