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Ph-testing drops by Neptune Hydroponics. They let you measure the acidity of your irrigation water and adjust it accordingly, to supply your plants quality water.

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These pH-testing drops let you know the acidity level of your irrigation water very easily.

Since it is very economical, thousands of users have already enjoyed its good results. If you haven't started adjusting Ec and pH levels until now, it's a good time to do it with this kit.

When we mix water with nutrients, a digital meter will give a more accurate reading. However, if we're measuring just water, this simple test can give us a good first approximative reading.

A very simple but effective method that's been around for many years. It is very precise if we consider its price.

Purchase the pH-testing drops kit now. A kit including a reagent in drops to keep the acidity of irrigation water under control.

Instructions for use:

Take a sample of the aqueous solution and place it in the test tube. Then, add two drops of the reagent and wait for some seconds until the sample takes a certain color. Compare it with the color chart to determine the pH of your water and then adjust it with pH-correcting liquids.

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