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Myco MZ100 / MZ600 Precision Scale with a good base for heavy loads. It’s overload protected, ensuring your scale has a long life.

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Myco MZ100 / MZ600 High Precision Scale, with which you can weight whatever substances you want. 

This device is very durable thanks to its strong cover, always keep intact the platform on which the objects are placed.

The MZ 600 can weigh up to 600g in 0.1g increments.

The MZ100 can weigh up to 100g in 0.01g increments, ultra-precise.

It has a lid that protects the metal weighing base, and a good sized backlit screen so you can see the readings wherever you are.


  • Modes: G-OZ-OZT-DWT-GN-CT.
  • Weighing Base: 75mm x 64mm stainless steel.
  • Screen: LCD with blue backlight.
  • Power: 2x AAA Batteries (included)
  • Features: Auto-Off, Tare/Cal, Overload Protection.

A scale is a very delicate measuring instrument, so it’s necessary to always keep the weighing surface clean to ensure stable measurements.

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