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This product has been designed to eradicate odors, such as petrol in the industrial sector. Eventually, it has become a sort of cannonical freshener for fighting cannabis odors.

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ONA Block is a freshener that neutralizers odors without leaving any trace of them. Its special composition is a mixture of essential oils that, when evaporated in the air in the form of molecules, attach themselves to odor molecules. Once both types of molecules are together, their weight increases considerably, which makes them fall to the ground and disappear. This eliminates the problem entirely.

Ona Block is presented in a solid and hard form. To make it work, all you have to do is place it where it is needed, open the lid and allow it to evaporate and act. Efficacy can be boosted by taking it out of the container completely so that it can evaporate faster as it will be fully in contact with the air. Place it near the entrance door of your house, if you are having problems with odors on the stairs or the patio, or outside your drying room door so that the odor does not spread all over your home.

Ona Block is the cheapest and most effective solution if you are growing strains that smell particularly strong and cannot be 100% eliminated with carbon filters. You can place it in air extraction ducts so that the air that passes through the filter is fully cleaned. To do this, you should use an adapter for the Ona Tube with a special grid where we can put up to 2 tablets of Ona Block. The outcoming air will be completely free of any marijuana smell and will have a light aroma of your choice: Fresh Linen (citric), Apple Crumble (apple) Pro (neutral) and Polar Crystal (fabric softener). The estimated durability of this product is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how you use it.

Ona Block volume:

  • 175g

Ona Block fragrances:

  • Pro (clean-neutral).
  • Polar Crystal (fabric softener).
  • Fresh Linen (lemon citric).
  • Apple Crumble (apple).
  • Tropical (tropical).

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