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This device gets rid of odors from large growing or cannabis drying areas – it uses ONA Gel in its 20L bucket format.

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The ONA Cyclone is an electronic dispenser designed to perfectly fit the 20 liter ONA bucket. You can adjust the speed of this device and adapt it to your needs perfectly, depending on the size of the room you have it set up in. This device is extremely easy to use and doesn’t use up much energy. It basically blows ONA molecules around the room, therefore destroying odor particles.

The ONA Cyclone is capable of getting rid of even the strongest odors in a fast and efficient manner – just turn it on and within minutes it will have destroyed any bad odors. ONA gel evaporates much quicker when under a fan, therefore it also works much quicker too.

This fantastic product is specifically designed for extremely large areas with plenty of grow lights.

Does not include the bucket of ONA.

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Category Air fresheners Reference ONA EAN13 15153016 UPC 19

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