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Anti-odor coal filters by Can Filter Special: high reliability, in several sizes, dimensions and flow-rates. They are essential to fight growing odors, mainly during the flowering and drying phases when the smell reaches its maximum.

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These filters have not been designed for small crops, they are especially designed to be used in large grow rooms with a lot of grow lights. To give the grower an idea: the minimum size is 200mm and the largest one is 315mm; corresponding to extraction flow rates from 700m3/h to 2,100m3/h.  These top quality and maximum flow rate filters allow your larger extractors to work most efficiently.

Their technology is easy to understand and not complicated at all. Besides, it is super-efficient and cleans the up to 99% of the smell - the remaining 1% is impossible to smell-. The air is pushed through the porous coal structure by the extractor. Once the odor molecules pass through the carbon filter, they get trapped in it while the rest of the air carries on their way to the outside, free of marihuana odors.

Size and flow of anti-odor coal filters by Can Filter Special:

  • 150 inlet 250mm - 2100m3/h
  • 125 inlet 315mm - 1750m3/h
  • 125 inlet 250mm - 1750m3/h
  • 125 inlet 200mm - 1750m3/h
  • 100 inlet 315mm - 1400m3/h
  • 100 inlet 250mm - 1400m3/h

 Orders of the larger inlet diameters take about 72 hours.

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