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The lightest carbon filters by Can Lite. They come in different sizes and last for about 9 or 12 months, when working 24h a day.

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Can Lite anti-odor carbon filters are new and come in different dimensions. Their weight has been reduced so that they can be hung anywhere, as for example, from the ceiling bars of grow tents or plasterboard false ceilings. Their can last from 9 to 12 months of 24h uninterrupted cultivation. They last less because they have a smaller amount of active coal and its walls are less dense. They simply last less but their efficiency during their useful life is 99%. Once they are finished air starts to smell again, they cannot be renewed. You will have to buy a new one before starting another growing cycle.

These filters are ideal for the grower who does not harvest indoors many times a year, but just up to a maximum of 3 times during winter-spring. If we only use it during these months, a filter will last for about 3-4 years. They are some of the cheapest filters on the market and its price suits every pocket. It is found in several models, from 1,000m3/h to 4,500m3/h, to match your grow room's requirements.

Size and flow of Can Lite anti-odor coal filter:

  • 1000 mouth 250mm - 1000m3/h
  • 1500 mouth 250mm - 1500m3/h
  • 2000 mouth 250mm - 2000m3/h
  • 2500 mouth 250mm - 2500m3/h
  • 3000 mouth 250mm - 3000m3/h
  • 3000 mouth 315mm - 3000m3/h
  • 3500 mouth 355mm - 3500m3/h
  • 4500 mouth 355mm - 4500m3/h

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