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This filter has a great quality/price ratio as it contains high quality active carbon and the thickness of the walls are able to filter all the odors of the air that goes through the filter.

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Anti-odor carbon filters by Filtrokoa-Koalair let you be worry-free because, from the moment they are installed, you can be sure no marijuana odors will go out, even during the full flowering phase when the the smell are more intense. These filters have a good robust structure and feature some the thicker active carbon walls in the market.

Filtrokoa filters by Koalair are compact-sized so that they do not occupy much space and their weight has been reduced by using top quality aluminium. They hold the best Australian vegetal coal inside, world widely recognized together with the Canadian one due to its effectiveness, far better than any coal from other areas.  

Installation is very simple as you just have to place it at the inlet of the air extractor duct, checking the junction of the extraction duct with the filter is perfectly sealed. Air leaks can be sealed by simply using adhesive tape. The tape will prevent the air from coming out through the junction, without passing through the filter, thus avoiding smell leakages.

Size and flow of anti-odor coal filter by Filtrokoa-Koalair:

  • 100/150mm - 180m3/h
  • 125/200mm - 270m3/h
  • 125/300mm - 360m3/h
  • 200/500mm - 725m3/h
  • 250/500mm - 900m3/h
  • 315/600mm - 2100m3/h

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