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Odor Sok Filter

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This Odor-Sock filter lets you eliminate an important part of the odors of your marihuana crop. For growing crops that do not smell a lot.

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When you have an Odor-Sock carbon filter, you must always bear in mind that it is a filter made of coal fibers, fully washable, able to eliminate odors to a great extent if the smell is not very intense or completely if they are growing plants that hardly smell. It is not useful for the flowering phase since a lot of odor molecules manage to go through the filter without "bumping" into the fibers. The efficiency of this filter is not comparable to those filters' where fibers are more closely knit together.

It is a cheap filter, mostly useful in drying rooms and it is effective 2 or 3 days after the harvest when plants have lost most part of humidity, which is what smells a lot. They smell much less strongly during the remaining days of drying. It is then when Odor-Soak filters will prevent the fragrance from being noticeable in the air. It is also useful for growing plants at the vegetative stagemother rooms or grow tents where cuttings are rooted.

Its extremely reduced weight makes it one the easiest filters to install and hang from the bars of the ceiling of your grow tent without bending it or making it fall on our plants.

The 150/600mm, 200/500mm and 300/800mm models are only ordered upon request, taking 48/72h to deliver.

Diameter and flow of Odor-Sock anti-odor filter:

  • 125/300mm 475m3/h
  • 150/400mm 645m3/h
  • 150/600mm 765m3/h
  • 200/500mm 1443m3/h
  • 300-315/800 2880m3/h

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