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Made of the best possible coal. These filters have a service-life for 18 months eliminating odors.

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Metal anti-odor coal filters by Can Filters can eliminate up to 99% of smells for a period of about 18 months as long as we keep them in optimal conditions with regard to cleaning. They have been made with the best possible active coal from Australia, hence their top quality, effectiveness and duration. A pressure filling process by machines, dust-free, makes Can Filter one of the best quality filters available on the market.

They are very easy to install. To obtain maximal efficiency, place them on the highest part of the ceiling so they can take extract the hot air bag together with the filtered and clean air -free from any type of growing smell.

The air of the extractor will flow through the pores of your active coal filter and go out completely clean and odorless, ensuring your crop remains undetectable to the nose.

Size and flow of metal anti-odor coal Can Filter:

  • 250 boca 125mm  - 250m3/h
  • 333 boca 150mm - 350m3/h
  • 366 boca 150mm - 700m3/h
  • 350 boca 200mm - 714m3/h
  • 375 boca 250mm - 1000m3/h
  • 125 boca 250mm - 1750m3/h
  • 150 boca 250mm - 2100m3/h
  • 375 boca 315mm - 1000m3/h
  • 100 boca 315mm - 1400m3/h
  • 125 boca 315mm - 1750m3/h
  • 150 boca 315mm - 2100m3/h

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